About us


Racrro is an IT training and consulting company instituted by industry veterans aimed at revolutionizing the IT training industry. Racrro has extensive experience delivering high quality training along with industry certified contents. Racrro is not restricted to just training and content development, we extend our expertise to execution and implementation after the training and content delivery. Racrro veteran trainers continue to support the trained resources long after the training and content delivery to ensure perfect transition from training to production. The training principle at Racrrorevolves around extensive requirement research, market analysis, continuous content and delivery evolution, tried and test well packaged solution to keep pace with the ever changing requirement that the IT Industry faces. Racrro understands, to achieve excellence and remain on par with the competition, the industry has to constantly evolve and have the resources enhanced. This is where Racrro well researched, tested and executed programs and solutions help corporates and individuals alike. Racrro is one of the few trusted organization that has the capability of providing complete training and consulting solution (software requirement, industry certified content development, world class veteran trainers, transition to production) with distinction.


At Racrro, learning is a revolutionary. Using our extensive experience writing industry certified and accepted contents coupled with world class veteran trainers with over 15+ years of training, consulting and project experience; learning at Racrro is revolutionary and an eye opening experience. Learning at Racrro will help imbibe a new found confidence and the ability to practically implement at your work place, when you go out to face an interview or are preparing to face certification examinations. At Racrro the courseware and contents go through extensive upgrade and review processes to continuously maintain and keep pace with the ever changing and evolving industry requirement, and ensure we maintain and edge in this industry. All the contents available at Racrro are mapped to certification and includes well researched assignments, case studies, projects and labs. Racrro has the widest pool of veteran trainers whose unique delivery methodology helps simplify concepts, generating undivided interest from every participants and enabling them to performs tasks, write certification exams and face job interviews. Racrro provides tailored technical, software and lab set-up solutions for all the training delivery through our cloud Resources. Now no participant has to worry about installing software or upgrading your machines.

Partner Services

Racrro maintains strategic partnership and relationship with various software consulting, staffing and immigration consulting firms to look after the retail requirements. Racrro sister concerns and partners are one of the best in the industry. They provide the best immigration and staffing solutions for all of Racrro trained resources. Racrro also maintains relationship with various fortune 500 companies, attained through our world class corporate training deliveries, which helps source consulting, training and staffing requirements directly from them. Racrro continuously strive and work on expanding the network of partnerships and relationships using unique training solutions tailoring the delivery and content. This ever increasing network or partnerships and relationships help Racrro establish and build a packaged solution for every customers varied and unique requirements outside of Racrro' training domain.